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Hello Brave Human! 

Are you chronically disconnected

in your committed relationship?


Are you ready for true intimacy?


Find your roadmap to reconnection.

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Are you finally ready for

the connection you deserve?

I help mothers and couples

get reconnected

in their dream relationship...

without forcing their partner to change.

I am a relationship coach, teacher, mom, partner and village builder…and a passionate believer in the life-transforming power of connection. 

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I know what it's like to:

  • Be a hurting human in relational pain 

  • Feel stuck in life

  • Feel hopeless in my long-term relationship

  • Give away my power and needs

  • Be desperate to give and receive love

I took my life back by getting empowered and reconnected and so can you.

Imagine the next ten years...

Living without the connection you crave...

Distant, alone, resentful, shutdown...


I relied on hope to make things better.


Hope is not enough.


You deserve more and you know it.

It's time to listen to that inner voice.


Upgrade how you do relationships.

Be the transformation.

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 To get empowered and reconnected through a life-transforming relational empowerment process you need...


Take ownership & get empowered

With the Relational Empowerment Course & Wild Withness Method, you will:

  • Take on relational challenges. 
  • Expand your self-awareness. 
  • Develop a framework for healthy relationship skills.
  • Practice new communication. 
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Reflect & discover the truth

A transformative coaching container to serve your goal for reconnection. With support and challenge we explore:

  • Where are you in the terrain of your relationships?
  • What's getting in your way?
  • Where are you headed? 

Group or 1:1 options available.

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Bravely move forward into action

Be a part of a virtual community to get powerful results. 

  • Accelerate your learning with group sharing & support.
  • Share personal wins,  challenges & ask questions.
  • Build life-long relationship with other growth-oriented relational warriors.  
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Get my workbook ReWild Your Partnership in 10 Powerful Steps 

This workbook guides you in how to turn chronic disconnect into mature & vibrant love.


My self-paced online courses will provide you with a detailed roadmap on how to upgrade your relationships.  

Learn to grow!


Get personalized support at the level you need to hold you accountable, keep you on track & answer your burning questions.

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Experience the transformative power of heart-centered community as you connect with others on the same journey. 

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Working with me...

Each person and couple will have a tailor-made container to support the results they are seeking.  Support may include: 

  • Relationship Community Membership
  • Intimate Group Coaching
  • 1:1 Private Coaching
  • Relational Empowerment Course
  • Immersive Voxer Coaching
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What my clients say

I work with growth-oriented, big-hearted people.  Here is what they have to say...


"My experience working with Courtney has been life-altering. Courtney is a gifted and passionate relationship coach whose intelligence, insight, and empathy coalesce to create a safe and inviting space for my own self-exploration and reflection into the ways I tend to show up in relationships. With her skilled guidance and probing questions, I've been able to recognize attitudes and patterns which no longer serve me or help me to live in integrity with my highest purpose and values."


"Courtney is really the best coach I've worked with, and it was good for me (a man) to receive a woman's point of view [neutral but feminine] on cis relationships."


"Courtney has such a strong, steady, gracious, and supportive presence that makes me feel incredibly solid and safe to express myself freely. She guides me to look at what feels truest for me in my heart and she has this innate ability to ask remarkable questions that I would’ve never thought to ask.Through this, I'm able to discover parts of myself that I didn’t know were there. After each session, I’m always in awe of how much strength, peace, and readiness I feel to take the steps needed towards being authentically myself in my relationships.

Most couples wait too long.

Heed the call and get started with the support and tools you need to grow a connected partnership. 

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