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6-Month Relational Empowerment

Group Coaching Program 

with Courtney Klick

Dear Mothers, 

Are you feeling hopeless and chronically disconnected from your partner?


If you are here, it means you are ready to:

☾ Uplevel your life and relationships.

☾ Live a connected, beautiful, and wild life!! 

☾ Bring your fullest self to the table. 

☾ Embrace and live your truth while getting the connection, relationship and family of your dreams!! 

☾ Experience deep intimacy and true collaboration.  

And you know that choosing yourself and a strong partnership will help everyone in your family thrive and be connected.

A once in a lifetime experience to accelerate and activate your relational leadership. 


This group is for you if...

☾ You are ready for a collaborative and mature partnership that will be the rocket launching pad for wild and meaningful life that will serve others on this planet. 

☾ It's time for magic and power.  It's time to deepen, learn and integrate your relational wisdom and power in real time.

☾ You're ready to grow and you're not willing to wait another day. 

And even though you've dreamt for years about crafting your ideal relationship and creating a vibrant and connected family...

Your WILD MOTHERS membership gives you everything you need to get connected.


Group Coaching

Accelerated learning in an empathic container.

It takes a village.  In Wild Mothers, we deepen our growth not just by talking about relationship, but being and living it.  What you will get:

  • Bi-weekly group coaching
  • One 1:1 coaching session per month
  • Combo of support & challenge
  • Group accountability
  • Embodiment & awareness practices 
  • Self-inquiry guidance
  • Recorded calls for later review
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Relational Empowerment Course

The relationship 101 course you wish you had in school.

It's time to admit we all have something to learn about relationships.  In Wild Mothers, you engage at your own pace with a heart-blowing training that will have you seeing yourself and relationship anew.  What you will get:

  • 2+ hours of digestible content per week
  • Five modules with 30+ lessons
  • Relational tools to put into practice
  • Workbooks to accompany each lesson
  • Video, audio, PDF slides, transcripts
  • Unlimited access
  • Bi-weekly live Q&A 
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Community Love

The place you go in the moment to share your wins, challenges, setbacks and celebrations.

We all need a place to be seen, to gather resources, to put up a mirror to what's going on.  In Wild Mothers, you have 24/7 access to the big-hearted community of relational warriors who are on this path and learning alongside you.  What you will get:

  • Voxer Community thread
  • Relevant email communications
  • Monthly 1:1 partner calls
  • Steady content & surprise engagements
  • A plethora of collective wisdom
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What to Expect

For the Wild Mothers

Safe & Seen

  • Inclusive, safe environment
  • Big feelings
  • Encouragement to bring mistakes and be you. 


  • A blend of empathy, acceptance and challenge
  • Encouragement to take responsibility 
  • Love of Self at center 


  • A life-long community of support
  • Big-hearted, growth-oriented folk.
  • Great conversations with wise mothers
Intimate - 8 spaces only

What's stopping you?

If you're anything like me, you've already waited too long. 


☾ You get stuck in old outdated patterns.

☾ You serve everyone before yourself. 

☾ You prioritize your kids over your partner.

☾ You continue to feel disconnected and resentful and unsure about how to turn it all around.

☾ You've lost your voice and are unsure about how to advocate for your wants, desires and goals while partnering and parenting.

☾ You've almost given up hope and you think maybe the dream might not be possible. 

☾ You fantasize about how to get back to yourself and what you truly want in this one wild and precious life. 

Take a deep breath with me here...I've been there...

And because I invested in years of upgrading my relationship, I am evermore committed to helping you create the most empowered, aligned relationship to yourself and your partner so that you can live the dream!

Our time together in Wild Mothers will be an unforgettable experience, but it's not all sunshine and rainbows. 

There'll be plenty of time for that (promise!), but we'll also make sure we allow ourselves some time for... 


  • We'll focus in on the reality of our relationship with ourself and our partner and understand how we can measure our success in reconnecting.  We'll set goals and get clear on what's in the way.


  • We'll hone our relationship skills, including communication, conflict & repair, self-regulation and co-regulation to ensure our integration of our intentions with our partner and family. 


  • We won't just talk about our relational problems, we'll bring everything we learn into a felt experience so that our nervous systems can upgrade for the life of connection we wish to create.


  • We'll become excellent narrators of your own story, including our relational history so that we can digest, make sense of and integrate this knowledge into embodied awareness and growth.

The Circle

  • We will create a safe space for all voices to share while also inviting self-advocacy.  We balance the honoring of structure and schedule with the openness to the needs. of the group.

The Fire

  • We won't just shower you with support.  Your feet will be metaphorically held to the fire sometimes directly and by proximity to others' shares, allowing you the opportunity to evolve and empower your ways.

Got Something Better in Mind?

This is what others have to say about Wild Mothers. 


"I loved the group coaching sessions and could not believe how fast the time went! I most enjoyed the opportunities for checking in and sharing about our relational worlds, hearing other mothers’ stories and being able to relate to so much of what everyone else shared."


"Courtney is a great facilitator - always supportive, compassionate, and validating but also challenging when the situation calls for it. Spending time with her is always a pleasure. She is willing to be vulnerable by sharing her own weaknesses and struggles, and her wins too, to inspire and encourage us. She consistently brings new perspectives and shows us how to look at our experiences in a growth-oriented way."


"This program is hands down the most comprehensive, supportive, and empowering path toward creating more awareness, empathy, and abundance in my relationships, particularly my primary relationship with my husband (and also with our son). My partner and I have made more progress even after just a couple months of the program than in the previous 20 years of our relationship. I give this program my highest recommendation. I wish all mothers could work with Courtney."


"I would encourage everyone to make the investment of time and money even if it feels hard to prioritize yourself. It's worth it and your family will benefit too! The course opens the path toward so much future learning and growth - it doesn't end after six months."


"Courtney gave so much during coaching sessions! And also infallibly responded thoughtfully to our conversations and posts between classes."


"Do it! It's a gift to yourself and everyone you know."


You'll need to meet the following criteria, possess the following qualities and bring to the table your own desire & effort.



Are you at a stage in your life where you can prioritize doing this work? To get the most from this program, you'll want to be committed to your partnership and ready to put in some time, energy and investment. As a mother, can you prioritize yourself to make this happen?



Are you coming to this ready to author a new narrative of your life?  Or are you content cast as a victim in your own life? In order to be successful in this container you'll want to be ready to turn your past pain into the gifts and strengths of today and tomorrow.



Members of our group are expected to show up to most live sessions (we understand life & travel can get in the way sometimes), participate and contribute, share wins and challenges and commit to taking action. What you put into this is what you get out.



Are you ready to move from blame and shame of your partner towards taking personal responsibility?  This means that whatever their behaviors, actions and  choices, you have your own back, advocate for what you want and need, and own your part as you invite them to join you.



Are you ready to show up in your authentic vulnerability? Are you able to be with the truth of your experience or do you seek unhealthy ways to avoid and escape?  In this container we expect you to come as you are - sober,  honest, with your truest self.  We want the real you, even if things gets messy.



Members of our group are expected to demonstrate emotional maturity in all group interactions by honoring confidentiality, offering empathy & understanding and maintaining an open mind and heart to the experience of others. You are willing to adhere to group agreements.

A look at the content inside the course

Module 1

Your Relational Blueprint (self-focused)

  • Core Relational Principles
  • Life story
  • Family of Origin
  • Grief & Losses
  • Relational self-awareness
  • Communication & Discovery Tools

Module 2

Your Truth (self-focused)

  • Life purpose, goals & vision
  • Superpowers & gifts
  • Personality and temperament
  • Mindset
  • Emotional maturity, parts exploration & shadow integration
  • Gut intuition
  • Body connection
  • Self-awareness & discovery tools

Module 3

Your Current Relationship (relationship-focused)

  • Needs, wants & desires
  • Core relational fears
  • Love versions & differences
  • Your couple bubble and attachment styles
  • Communication
  • Conflict & repair
  • Power dynamics and boundaries
  • Relational other-awareness tools & practices


Module 4

Your Deepening Connection (relationship-focused)

  • Sexual awareness & expression
  • Cultivating intimacy
  • Fun, play & creativity
  • Collaboration
  • Forgiveness
  • Intimacy-building tools


Module 5

Your Relational Success (relationship-focused)

  • Your commitment 
  • Exploring conscious completion
  • Relationship vision & purpose
  • Resilience plan
  • Couple's summit
  • Integration tools
  • Being and mentoring relational leaders

Plus bonus lessons! 


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Creating a vibrant partnership is easier than you think & while it does take some hard work it shouldn't take a lifetime. 

As you start to feel more connected in your partnership it's not uncommon for conflict to increase behind-the-scenes. You're getting clear, unpacking old wounds, putting in time to prioritize your couple, giving up and throwing in the towel is all too common. But what if you could focus on moving forward, focusing only on the things that will have the biggest impact and relax into the change? 

I honor your journey!

I know from personal experience what's it's like to crave more connection. 

After having three small children my partner and I were terribly disconnected.


  • Lost touch with our purpose together beyond raising children. 
  • Every day was filled with conflict that was unresolved. 
  • Tensions and resentments were running the show.  
  • Our core relational issues kept getting reactivated.
  • We let outside forces get in the way of our couple
  • Lost contact with what we wanted individually and collectively.

We were toast...




I got fed up. I started getting clear on my part. There was so much I didn't know about how to create a successful relationship! So... 

  • I invested years obsessively learning and practicing all things relationship.
  • I integrated what I already knew about holistic medicine, awareness practices and nature connection into my journey back to myself.
  • I made "us" a priority with my time, energy and money. I spent thousands on getting help. and upgrading my ways.

And then...


The results showed up...

  • We now know what it takes to build and protect our couple and purpose.
  • We now know how to get to full repair in moments of deep disconnection. 
  • We have a steady commitment to getting relationship support and forever growing our relationship.
  • We are rewiring our nervous systems to create wild intimacy. 
  • Our entire family is benefitting from more love and security.

I'm so excited about the results of this journey that I'm here to guide and invite you in your's.


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The Wild Mothers Experience

9-Month Empowerment Program

$497 (deposit) + Monthly Payments (8) of $247


  • 9-months of relational empowerment support with like-minded mothers in committed partnerships
  • Twice monthly Growth Sessions (1.5 hrs each) via Zoom (Wednesdays or Thursdays)
  • Bi-monthly drop-in Group Coaching
  • Relational Empowerment Course (Unlimited Access)
  • Private Virtual Community
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9-Month Empowerment Program



  • 9-months of relational empowerment support with like-minded mothers in committed partnerships
  • Twice monthly Growth Sessions (1.5 hrs each) via Zoom (Wednesdays or Thursdays)
  • Bi-monthly drop-in Group Coaching
  • Relational Empowerment Course (Unlimited Access)
  • Private Virtual Community
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All Wild Mothers members receive 1 x 60 Minute Private Coaching Session with Courtney 

  • Session notes to help deepen the experience.
  •  Value $297



  • All Wild Mothers members receive discounts on additional coaching services
  • Includes private sessions, couple's support, and private Voxer channel. 
  • Value unlimited, based on use



  • Access to the Connection Keepers Membership for the 9-month program
  • Heartbeat Community Platform with Mobile or Desktop App
  • Monthly Masterclass with support materials
  • Library of resources
  • Relationship Tips & Tutorials

Feel it in your bones that you're just meant to do this?

Join the waitlist of ready mothers and  I'll be back in touch on next steps.

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